Benefits & Services

Benefits of Joining

The Southeast Concrete Masonry Association is composed of concrete block plants in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and companies who supply aggregates, cement, mortar mix, equipment, admixtures, materials and services to our industry. Our objectives include: creating a standard of excellence in the manufacturing of concrete masonry, promoting the use of concrete masonry products, and gathering data and issuing bulletins of promotional and educational character

1. Summer Convention, Production Workshop, Continuing Education Workshops at reduced registration fee.

2. Opportunity to have a table-top exhibit at Workshops and Technical Seminars for design professionals, contractors, and building officials.

3. Participation in development of programs by serving on committees

  • Marketing
  • Masonry Education
  • Residential
  • Safety-Production
  • Segmental Retaining Wall & Interlocking Concrete Paver
  • Technical

4. SCMA Web Site (with links to NC Building Inspectors, NCMA, SECPA, Brick Association, PCA, National Masonry Instructors, The Masonry Society, ICC, ACI & Carolinas Chapter, NC Masonry Contractors Association and others):

  • Opportunity to purchase a link to your company’s web site.
  • Free member roster listing.

5. Technical support for problems relating to concrete masonry construction or design.

6. Comprehensive list of architects, engineers, designers, mason and general contractors, masonry instructors, colleges and universities, building inspectors and code officials, developers and realtors in North and South Carolina.

7. Discounted NCMA Design Literature.

8. Audiovisuals on loan.

9. FREE Database Production/Sales Survey.

10. Wall Cost Estimator Computer Program (56 masonry & competitive wall systems including 6 residential) & Pre-Engineered Masonry Building CAD Computer Program with Blue Prints – Only $25.00 (one-half retail cost).

11. Discounted Residential Builder Manual.

12. FREE residential packet for home owners.

13. SCMA Concrete Masonry Manual (includes sections on codes, specifications, structural data, technical data, energy conservation, sizes & shapes, architectural CMU specs & details, concrete pavers, segmental block retaining walls, erosion control) – Only $25.00 (one-half retail cost).

Objectives of SCMA
  • Promoting the use of concrete masonry products in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee
  • Providing literature of promotional and educational support to members and builders
  • Advocate for the use of concrete masonry products use throughout the region
  • Monitoring and contributing to state building codes
  • Support of vocational masonry training programs in the region
Professional Services

The Southeast Concrete Masonry Association offers the following professional services to members and non-members.

  • Review plans and specifications
  • Construction Review Service
  • Existing Projects – Verbal Review
  • Further services rendered

For more information, contact:

516-D River Highway
Suite 150
Mooresville NC 28117