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705.1 — General.

Each portion of a building separated by one or more fire walls that comply with the provisions of this section shall be considered a separate building. The extent and location of such fire walls shall provide a complete separation. Where a fire wall also separates groups that are required to be separated by a fire barrier wall, the most restrictive requirements of each separation shall apply. Fire walls located on property lines shall also comply with Section 503.2. Such fire walls (party walls) shall be constructed without openings.

705.2 — Structural Stability

Fire walls shall have sufficient structural stability under fire conditions to allow collapse of construction on either side without collapse of the wall for the duration of time indicated by the required fire-resistance rating.

705.3 — Materials.

Fire walls shall be of any approved noncombustible materials. The fire resistance of concrete or masonry firewalls shall be calculated in accordance with Section 720 or determined by test in accordance with ASTM E-119. All other firewalls shall be tested in accordance with ASTM E-119. Firewalls tested in accordance with ASTM E-119 shall be conducted using the alternative hose stream test procedure described in Section 11.3 of ASTM E-119.