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Join the SCMA, a proactive and forward-thinking organization that supports its members through strategic initiatives to boost revenue. We seek members who are dedicated and ready to educate and promote concrete masonry at a grassroots level. Every interaction presents a chance to spread the Masonry One Voice across five states. Producers, suppliers, engineers/architects, and students are all invited to join in promoting masonry as the world’s greatest building material. Be a masonry champion by believing in and joining the SCMA.

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Membership Benefits

  • Have a voice in the largest Concrete Masonry Association by Geography in the U.S.
  • Two conferences per year for networking and relationship building.
  • Access to over 50 AIA-approved continued education programs and a strategic focus AIA, CSI, and SEA chapters.
  • Access to sales training, professional development, workshops, lunch and learns, state-specific promotional events, and more!
  • Ready to use marketing resources.
  • Career development and workforce development programs.
  • Awards and recognition programs.
  • Exposure to new masonry technologies.
  • SCMA committee seats are available for you to join.
  • Member profile on the website with marketing to help you gain visibility.
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COMMITTEES to Champion Engagement

SCMA is proud of the 75+ men and women that serve on the committees promoting masonry! These committees serve as the backbone of our promotional, educational, and marketing efforts across our five-state footprint.


The purpose of this committees is to conduct promotional efforts in each state with a focus towards architects, engineers, owners, developers, university students, and high school students. These committees are made up of producers, cement shippers, associate members, and other interested membership parties. 


  • Concrete Masonry Weeks
  • University Blockfest and Unit Design Competitions
  • Full Day & Half-Day Symposiums
  • Concrete Masonry Academy AIA Approved Presentations
  • Lunch & Learn Events
  • Roundtable Discussions on Codes, Technology and Natural Disasters


The purpose of this committee is to create educational and promotional resources to strengthen the concrete masonry industry in the building community.  


  • Strategic Wood Initiatives
  • New SCMA Newsletter
  • Monthly Marketing Editorial Calendar
  • Masonry Articles & Marketing Collateral
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Website improvements – Job Board & Membership Improvements


The purpose of this committee is to create educational and training programs with a primary focus towards increasing the professional sales skillset of member companies to enlarge the pool of masonry experts in the field. This diverse committee is made up of producers, cement shippers and other interested membership parties.  


  • Concrete Masonry Academy
    • Monthly webinars offering continuing education credits for masonry personnel, architects, engineers, general contractors, etc.
  • Internal Masonry Training Programs
    • Commercial Sales & Project Delivery
    • Block 101 Training Courses
    • New Products Updates
  • Residential Masonry Framed Home Program
  • Presentations on Understanding Masonry

Workforce Development

The purpose of this committee is to maintain and expand the labor force in all five states. It is vital to provide an adequate supply of skilled labor to the industry.


  • Financial sponsorship to schools, events, and trainings
  • Provided materials, volunteers & judges for various competitions
  • Creation of SCMA Workforce Development Council
  • Met with state leaders to discussion getting masonry in schools


The purpose of this committee is to provide support to the professional community and the SCMA staff to ensure seamless approach when to comes to handling technical aspects of masonry.  

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