When time matters, concrete masonry is on your side.

There are many reasons you can build faster with block. Consider the following:

No lag time: With block, you can start construction at a moment’s notice. Other materials require drawings and off-site production planning prior to construction. On a concrete masonry project, contractors can move equipment, materials and workers to the site as soon as a contract is signed. Schedules stay on track, while clients see measurable progress almost immediately.

Fewer errors: Because masonry contractors generally stay with a project throughout the building process, there aren’t as many mistakes on the jobsite. Small adjustments can be more easily made without delaying the progress of the project. Contractors’ continued presence on a site means they ensure the project stays on schedule and deadlines are met.

CMU is locally sourced: All concrete masonry units are locally produced less than 50 miles from the job site.  This is huge when time is of essence to ensure no delays on the project. Being a local sourced product, the local producer is also available to answer any concrete masonry questions which reduces any lag in communication concerning the project.

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