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Concrete masonry has the design flexibility to provide the look and feel you want, whether you’re building a home, apartment complex or shopping plaza. Today’s concrete masonry products are versatile, attractive building solutions that have a number of benefits over other materials such as lumber.

Among these benefits:

  • Savings due to CMU’s durability, resulting in less maintenance and fewer repairs
  • Variety of materials allows facades to have higher curb appeal and visual interest
  • Resistance to pests, mold, fire and water
  • Noise insulation properties are ideal for high-traffic areas

The sky is literally the limit with CMU. While most building codes do not allow wood structures to be taller than three stories, there is no such limit for block buildings.

If you’re building in an area subject to extreme weather conditions, concrete masonry can provide peace of mind that the building and its inhabitants will be safe. Concrete’s strength helps it withstand major hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and rains with little or no structural damage.

It’s not all about function with concrete, however. Concrete masonry also has plenty of aesthetic and architectural benefits over other building materials. Block is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to give contractors the flexibility to build structures with unique designs and functions.  

For builders, converting from wood to masonry framing is an easy, affordable process – SCMA even offers training, seminars and educational assistance to help you get started.

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