Direct Design Software is something completely different. It enables the design of an entire masonry structure in minutes, with just a few simple inputs. Simply enter a few input criteria, specify the plan layout and opening locations, and the software does the rest. Every wall is detailed simultaneously.

This latest software from NCMA based on The Masonry Society’s (TMS) Direct Design Handbook (TMS 403) has revolutionized a masonry project workflow when it comes to saving precious time and ultimately going above and beyond one’s client’s expectations.

It also allows one to easily communicate the design to your draftsman or contractor with fully-detailed wall elevation drawings that are not only up to the latest consensus standards and building codes but provide a direct, simplified procedure for the structural design of concrete masonry structures for both reinforced and unreinforced masonry.

The software fully unlocks the power of the Direct Design approach and the excruciating tedium of table lookups and repetition of simple steps because it’s fully automated, as is the detailing of every block and reinforcing bar.

Additionally, it helps to mitigate confusion through transparency by displaying the full text of every calculation and decision made by the program. The user can verify every step as necessary to ensure full peace of mind.

Fast, Comprehensive Masonry Building Design

A full, start-to-finish design package for masonry structures that dramatically reduces the time required to engineer many single- and multi-story CMU buildings.

  • Load Calculations per ASCE 7
  • Design Checks per TMS 402
  • Full Calculations Display
  • Structure Analysis
  • Detailed Drawings
  • Backed by NCMA

Peace of Mind

Ever question software results? Have you wanted to check the calculations, but found that most software is too black-box? Direct Design removes these worries by showing every calculation for review.

  • Fully worked-out code equations, with references
  • Accessory drawings of loads on a structure
  • Tabulated loading results and check summaries

Detailed Drawings

Easily communicate the design of your draftsman or contractor with fully-detailed wall elevation drawings.

  • Fully Dimensioned
  • Bars Detailed
  • Control Joints Detailed
  • Blocks Detailed
  • All Wall Elevations
  • Hooks & splices shown

“Direct Design has revolutionized how I design with masonry and manage my workflow. This software allows me to meet my clients’ expectations faster, easier, and more intuitively at every stage in the design process.”

Benchmark Harris, PE

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