Welcome to the SCMA, The Southeast Concrete Masonry Association. As a non-profit trade association, SCMA unites, supports, and represents our members who are producers and suppliers of concrete masonry systems – including concrete masonry, segmental retaining walls, and other hardscape systems. From small family-owned businesses to large corporations, our membership reflects the full spectrum of companies that provide the foundation for resilient building construction.

For 75 years, the SCMA has been built on family. We continue to evolve so we remain vital and visible for our children’s future. We will increase our level of advocacy, promotions and engagement. We have an audacious vision: a country where everyone can build smarter. We draw nearer to that vision by advocating, investing in opportunities to promote and educate, partnering with associations to revitalize the message on the world’s greatest building materials – MASONRY

Inside the world of Block, we are not just block producers. We are community builders, innovative thinkers, creative designer artists and mostly storytellers dedicated to doing great work, for a safer tomorrow. We partner with like-minded individuals, businesses, builders, organizations and causes that have aggressive hopes and goals for tomorrow and beyond. Dreaming of a safer tomorrow is the only way we can build a safer tomorrow, and we know together we’ll deliver on this commitment.

Together we will be smarter. We will change mindsets. We will educate people today for future generations. We all have a moral responsibility to educate the public and tell the truth. We will be education-minded and solution-driven. We are and will continue to be a Safety-First industry driven by the power of building safer, happier, healthier, thriving communities. Our block family is committed to working with folks who share our vision of knowing that the safety of communities should always be put before cost. Together, we have a moral responsibility to build with safety in mind. Our families are counting on us to make the right decisions to build a safe tomorrow.

James Cain

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