Concrete masonry is truly an economical building solution.

Researchers recently conducted a 31-city 10-month study comparing the costs of concrete masonry to other popular building materials throughout the Southeast. The research uncovered that masonry and precast costs were similar to – and often cheaper than – other popular building materials.

In addition to being competitively priced to other building materials, concrete masonry sets itself further apart from the competition when you factor in benefits such as energy efficiency, low maintenance, sustainability and green building properties. Concrete pays for itself over the course of its lifetime, offering savings that other materials simply cannot match.

For these reasons and more, concrete masonry is a cost-effective building solution – its durability ensures it.

Competitive Pricing

Masonry and precast costs are similar to – and often lower than – other popular building materials.

Low Maintenance

Concrete block masonry requires no updating, staining or replacement over the course of its lifespan. This lack of maintenance means you save significant time and money.

Energy Efficient

A 100,000 square-foot block structure stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer, saving you up to $1,200 per month in utility costs compared to a frame structure of the same size.

Long Lasting

Because they do not rust, rot or burn, concrete masonry structures can easily last up to 100 years. Wood structures are more susceptible to damage over time, leaving your building weak and vulnerable.

Resource Efficiency

Concrete masonry is friendlier to the environment. Limestone, the most abundant mineral on earth, is the predominant raw material for the cement in concrete. Concrete can also be made with a variety of waste by-products from power plants, steel mills, and other manufacturing facilities.

Minimal Waste

Resources are not wasted with concrete like they are with other building materials. Concrete block is produced in the quantities needed for each project and can be recycled.

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