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The SCMA understands the Specifier advises the entire project team, not just the design team.  Specifiers coach the team about masonry materials and architectural block selection, and integration required to make the project work.  

The SCMA and NCMA have the resources to be a trusted technical advisor to the Specifier from start to finish of a project.  The SCMA understands:

Specifiers work using a well-defined process as follows:

  • Investigate: Review the drawings, make notes about what is required.
  • Research: Verify selected products are appropriate and identify special concerns.
  • Question: Interrogate the project team to fill in the missing information.
  • Document: Draft the specifications to capture the project qualitative requirements.
  • Coordinate: Ensure the drawings and specifications remain consistent.

The SCMA also serves the Specifiers by being the bridge for the concrete masonry industry to maximize resources to ensure together we promote concrete masonry products as the first choice in the commercial and residential markets.  The SCMA is a building solutions provider through education to Specifiers to ensure that a continuous masonry learning environment is promoted by using wall systems effectively, efficiently and, most importantly, safely.

The SCMA utilizes several areas to ensure we provide a continuous learning environment for Specifiers.

Technical Services

Expertise addressing specific construction issues such as structural, and energy consumption design.  The SCMA is a resource to help answer questions related technical and compliance capabilities of concrete masonry products pertaining to codes and project specifications.  We also provide several programs to help answer your questions. 

Free Review of Plans and Specifications

SCMA wants to ensure safety is paramount in every building.  We’re glad to review plans and specifications of your upcoming projects.  SCMA does not sell anything but we do offer free unbiased advice to ensure your projects are being built the most cost-effective, energy-efficient and most importantly safe.

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Wall Cost Comparison of six (6) Construction Types

Walter G.M. Schneider III, Ph.D., P.E., MCP, CBO, CFO and Ryan L. Solnosky, Ph.D., P.E. performed a wall cost study comparing 6 construction types, including Conventional wood framing with wood floor system, Light Gauge Steel Framing with cast-in-place concrete floor system on metal form deck, Load bearing concrete masonry construction with precast concrete plank floor system, Precast concrete walls and precast concrete floor system, Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls and precast concrete plank floor system, and Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls and ICF concrete floor system.

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Increase Speed of Construction and Lower Overall Cost with BIM-M & Masonry IQ

BIM-M and Masonry IQ has many benefits for general contractors including interactive scheduling and coordination, safety management, planning and improved communication with subcontractors, architects, engineers and owners.

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Design an Entire Masonry Structure in Minutes

This latest software from NCMA based on The Masonry Society’s (TMS) Direct Design Handbook (TMS 403) has revolutionized a masonry project workflow when it comes to saving precious time and ultimately going above and beyond one’s client’s expectations.

It also allows one to easily communicate the design to your draftsman or contractor with fully-detailed wall elevation drawings that are not only up to the latest consensus standards and building codes, but provide a direct, simplified procedure for the structural design of concrete masonry structures for both reinforced and unreinforced masonry.

The software fully unlocks the power of the Direct Design approach and the excruciating tedium of table lookups and repetition of simple steps because it’s fully automated, as is the detailing of every block and reinforcing bar.

Additionally, it helps to mitigate confusion through transparency by displaying the full text of every calculation and decision made by the program. The user can verify every step as necessary to ensure full peace of mind.

Direct Design combines all the relevant structural masonry requirements in one package.


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Free 18 AIA &CES Approved Masonry Presentations

The SCMA & NCMA offers over 18 AIA/CES approved masonry courses that are FREE to the professional community.   These courses are available throughout the five states and can be done through Lunch and Learns at the convenience of your office.

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Free Self-Paced Online Masonry Courses

The SCMA & NCMA also has self-paced Free Online Courses that can be taken at the convenience of your office or home. 

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Latest on the Build Codes by State

Latest Concrete Masonry TEK Notes

General Contractors and Engineers can use this link to go directly to the NCMA Solutions Center and pull down the latest TEK Notes for concrete masonry units.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Concrete Masonry

Promotional Services

SCMA hosts many events throughout the year to allow ongoing professional opportunities to network and collaborate between Specifiers and concrete masonry professionals.    Many of these events are hosted multiple times and in different formats to allow for diversity in the program and ultimately give the Specifier community a well-rounded understanding of how to Build Better with Block. 

Free Annual Concrete Masonry Days

The SCMA holds Concrete Masonry Days in five states which allows Structural Engineers to come together and not only collaborate on concrete masonry but receive 3-6 AIA/CES learning credits in the world of concrete masonry.  We look to bring together several concrete industry areas from concrete masonry, concrete, pavers, to precast and brick.

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Free Monthly Concrete Masonry Eblast and Blogs

The SCMA sends out a monthly Eblast to over 15,000 contacts to keep the professional community update on the latest news and trends in the concrete masonry industry.

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Free Block Tours and Hands on Demonstrations

The SCMA in conjunction with our members hold weekly free tours to Structural Engineers to gain a deeper understanding of how concrete masonry units and architectural block is made.   

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Free Masonry Discussion Forums & Workshops

The SCMA brings together industry experts to discuss the benefits build with concrete masonry and the challenges of building with masonry. These discussion forums are held throughout the NC, SC, TN, GA and VA.

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