As the world tackles climate change, it faces a seemingly intractable problem. Mitigating climate-disaster will require more resilient construction — and yet the building sector already comprises nearly 40 percent of global emissions. So, how can we build the resilient infrastructure we need while also eliminating the carbon footprint of construction? In this op-ed authored by Randolph Kirchain and Franz-Josef Ulm from the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, they explain how resilience can work hand-in-hand with sustainability. “We’ve found that resilient construction can have around 5 to 10% lower lifetime impacts due to energy efficiency — despite having up to a 30% greater initial impact from materials and construction,” they write. 


Benefits of Concrete Masonry go well beyond resilience

The Southeast Concrete Masonry Association promotes safe and resilient construction with concrete masonry products as the first choice in the commercial and residential markets.

Now is the time to invest in resilient, sustainable and safer structures with concrete masonry!

Concrete Masonry Wall System Benefits

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